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Package Design projects usually begin with a manufactured, blank product prototype. Tabb Design applies creative design to both the product and the package the product will go into. Naming the product, creating a unique custom logo that represents it, developing expressive graphics to be applied to the product or making color choices for various components of a product, even suggesting alternative physical design elements to improve the look or operation of a product are a few of the many issues that come into play when we work on a project. Illustration and cartooning are sometimes what is needed to give the right "feel" to a design idea, and product photography is done and often retouched and manipulated to create the exact imagery required. Each project has it's own unique requirements and Tabb Design strives to give each one the best presentation possible.
Radio Rodent R/C Mouse
Mantis Racio Control Flying Insect
Scurvy Dog R/C Pirate Boat
MegaPro R/C Race Buggy
MegaPro R/C Race Truck
MegaPro R/C Parts
Avion Future Tech BiPlane
Chopper 1 R/C Helicopter
FanTail Flyer R/C Airplane
HeliChopper R/C Helicopter
MegaRacer Lighted R/C Race Car
Missile Launcher R/C Vehicle
X-EC Diversion R/C Airplane
Wright Flyer R/C Airplane

Skyliner Jr. Freeflight Airplane
Avion IO Future Tech BiPlane
AfterBurner R/C Funny Car
Caribbean Cruiser R/C Boat
Cosmic Flyer R/C Airplane
MicroFly R/C Helicopter
Prowler R/C Glider
A7 Tornado R/C Fan Jet
Dark Thunder R/C Dragster
MegaStorm R/C Hovercraft
B2 Stealth R/C Airplane
Night Flyer Lighted R/C Airplane
Wicked Angel R/C Boat
FireFly R/C Airplane

C.C.Flyer R/C Fun Fly Airplane
Nitro Razor XT R/C Car
House Fly R/C Helicopter
Nirvana R/C Sailboat
Avion Duo R/C Airplane
H2O R/C Boat
HorseFly R/C Helicopter
Whirlwind 3000 R/C Helicopter
Freedom Flyer R/C Airplane
HydroFly Land, Air, Sea R/C Model
MegaChopper R/C Helicopter
SkyVector R/C Airplane
USA R/C Boat
MegaBotz Remote Control Robots
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